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What’s New in iOS 8 Beta 3: T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling, iCloud Drive Access, More

What’s New in iOS 8 Beta 3: T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling, iCloud Drive Access, More

Apple has released Beta 3 of iOS 8 to developers, which brings numerous improvements, and bug fixes to the beta mobile operating system. MacRumors did some digging and here’s the new features they’ve found.


Wi-Fi Calling – To start off, T-Mobile users will be pleased to know the new beta includes Wi-Fi calling for the carrier. Wi-Fi calling allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi instead of over your T-Mobile cellular connection. Wi-Fi Calling can be turned on in the Phone menu of the Settings app, and also requires users to enter their emergency address, so it can be sent to emergency responders in case of a 911 call.

iCloud Drive – A new popup window appears in beta 3 giving users the option to upgrade to iCloud Drive. Though the option can be turned on, it doesn’t appear to be fully functional at this time. iCloud Drive allows the storage of any type of file, ala Dropbox and similar services. There is also a new section for iCloud Drive settings in the iCloud menu of the Settings app.

Handoff – A new Handoff setting in the General menu of the Settings app allows users to toggle Handoff on and off. Handoff allows users to seamlessly transfer tasks in apps between iOS and OS X.

Weather – Minor changes in the Weather app include the way the information is displayed within the app.

“Find My” – New beta versions of the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps are included. Find My Friends will allow users to move their friends list to an iCloud account if necessary.

Messages – A new option in the Messages menu in the Settings app allows users to automatically keep audio and video messages. In the past, these were deleted after a short period of time to conserve space.

QuickType Keyboard – The QuickType keyboard can now be toggled on and off in the Keyboard settings menu of the Settings app.

Photos – Shared Photo Streams are renamed to Shared Albums, events and albums from Aperture are available again, and there’s a new indicator for how much time remains before Recently Deleted photos are permanently deleted.

App Analytics – Users can now choose to share crash data with app developers, along with usage statistics.

The iOS 8 beta is currently available only to developers, and will continue to undergo testing during the summer. A public release is scheduled for the fall, likely alongside the debut of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.