Apple Stores Officially Begin In-Store Replacements of iPhone 5s Screens

Apple Stores Officially Begin In-Store Replacements of iPhone 5s Screens

Monday saw the kickoff of Apple Stores replacing iPhone 5s screen on-site. The new service allows customers to have their damaged iPhone 5s displays replaced in as little as an hour.


AppleInsider notes that multiple users reported visiting an Apple Store, and most report that their iPhone’s broken screen was replaced in under an hour. Previously a device with a broken screen would be swapped for a refurbished model in-store, or the device would need to be sent to Apple for servicing, which could take up to five days.

While the new service is indeed rolling out across the U.S., one Apple representative noted that the service is not guaranteed to be available at all locations quite yet.

Owners not covered by an AppleCare+ warranty can expect to pay $149 for the screen replacement service, a nice drop from the previous $260 fee charged to swap out a broken iPhone 5s.

Have you had the misfortune to require Apple’s new iPhone 5s screen replacement service? If so, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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