New Microsoft Surface TV Ads Take Aim at the MacBook Air

New Microsoft Surface TV Ads Take Aim at the MacBook Air

It appears Microsoft has given up on trying to compare its lineup of Surface tablets to Apple’s industry leading iPad, and is instead taking aim at Apple’s ultra-light laptop, the MacBook Air.



Microsoft today launched three new ads targeting Apple’s MacBook Air and comparing the notebook to its new Surface Pro 3 tablet. All three commercials emphasize the Surface Pro 3’s touchscreen multitasking features and expandable hardware, with each showing how the MacBook Air lacks similar functionality. The ads also end with the tagline “The tablet that can replace your laptop.”

This spot is entitled “Crowded” and focuses on two narrators discussing how the Surface Pro 3 is both a tablet and a laptop. When the first narrator extolls the virtues of the Surface Pro 3, the second one claims that it can’t equal the power of the MacBook Air’s i5 processor.

The first user counters by showing how the Surface can run Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, while extolling the virtues of its pen support and touchscreen. Narrator two shows HIS touchscreen support in the form of an iPad, and laments, “I’ve got a lot of stuff to carry.” The ad then ends with a shot at Apple’s recent “Powerful” ads, with narrator numero uno saying “You are more powerful than you think.”

Ad number two, “Head to Head,” draws direct comparisons between the Surface Pro 3 and the MacBook Pro, noting the 128GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM on each device. The ad then goes on to point out the Pro 3’s detachable keyboard, pen support, and touchscreen, features the MacBook pro “lacks”. (Making no mention that while the 128GB/4GB model of both devices are priced the same, (for a 12-inch MBAir), the “keyboard” for the Surface Pro will run you an additional $129.99)

Finally, ad three, tagged with the moniker of “Power,” shows a Mac user that’s curious about Adobe Photoshop running on the Surface Pro 3. The narrator extolls the virtues of Photoshop on the Pro 3, pointing out the touchscreen interface, kickstand, Mini Display Port, and USB port. The ad ends with the Mac user saying, “So you’re saying it does more than my Mac?”, and the Surface Pro 3 user replies, “Well, technically you said it.”

Microsoft had been previously comparing its Surface lineup to Apple’s iPad, but recently began offering MacBook Air owners $650 to trade in their MacBook Air towards the purchase of a Surface Pro. There has been no word on how (un)successful that campaign has proven to be.