New Photos of Alleged iPhone 6 Parts Show Revamped Speaker, Rear Logo

New Photos of Alleged iPhone 6 Parts Show Revamped Speaker, Rear Logo

We have more photos this morning that are said to give us a new look at more iPhone 6 parts. The photos, shared by (Google Translate), give us a peek at SIM trays, Home buttons, a revamped speaker, a vibrator motor, and the embedded rear logo.


The first set of images, (seen above), show SIM trays and home buttons in a range of three different colors, space grey, gold, and silver options, the same color options as the iPhone 5s. A leak last month also showed SIM trays in the same three colors. 


A second photo, (seen above), shows an embedded Apple logo, also seen in previous leaks. Oddly enough, Nowhereelse notes that the logo scratches under pressure with a knife, contrasting previous reports that the logo was constructed of a scratch-resistant material.

The final set of photos, (Seen below), show what is said to be the internal speaker and vibrator motor of the iPhone 6. Both components appear to be of different construction from that of the iPhone 5s, with a larger speaker and a rectangular vibrator motor.


If you’re playing along at home, you should now have enough iPhone 6 parts photos to build your own paper version of the iPhone 6. Be careful with the glue and scissors, and clean the dining room table when you’re finished.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 on September 9. The new handsets are expected to include a fast A8 processor, a thinner more rounded body, and improved cameras on both models.

Also, Re/Code reported yesterday that Apple will also be introducing the much anticipated “iWatch” wearable device at the September 9th event.

(Via MacRumors)