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Apple’s “Stickers” TV Ad Gives Big Boost to MacBook Sticker Vendors

Apple’s “Stickers” TV Ad Gives Big Boost to MacBook Sticker Vendors

When Apple premiered their “Stickers” ad demonstrating the various ways users customized their MacBook Air to show how much they loved them, it had a pleasant side-effect. The ad has been a boost for sellers of decals and “skins” for the MacBook.

MacStories scribe Graham Spencer reached out to sellers of MacBook stickers in an attempt to gauge the impact of the new Apple ad on store visits and sales.

“One of the sellers that was willing to give me more detailed information was Benjamin Clark from The Decal Guru. They saw a quadrupling of orders for MacBook decals since the airing of Apple’s ad. In terms of unique visitors they saw an increase from a steady 500 per day (prior to the ad) to 4,500 at its highest last week.”

Graham also spoke to Etsy store owners, and at least one of them, Geeky Decals has seen a significant increase in daily sales of the stickers, going from 8-10 stickers per day before the ad, up to the current level of 40-50 stickers sold per day. Nice.


We spoke with Mads, an online seller of MackBook stickers at his site, Make It Stick, and he reported a nice spike in site visits and sales, as well as a side-benefit:

“I saw a huge spike in visitors on my store, but just as well, it made a lot of resellers open their eyes to the option of making Macs personal and fun with stickers. Many reached out to me in the following days seeking to resell my products.”

“Some of these resellers are purely online, but also some are brick and mortar Apple Premium resellers now wanting to add great stickers as products to their shelves beside Macs.”

He believes Apple is showing how well they know their audience by focusing on the customization users perform on their Macs to make them their own:

Putting stickers on MacBooks has been done for years, but I think it’s pure genius by Apple focusing on it now […]  as they (MacBooks) become more and more common, people are realizing stickers as a great way of standing out and making their Macs personal.

So this ad shows how diverse and personal Macs can be, despite of more and more people owning them. I think that’s a great value to the brand of the MacBook.

While the bump in traffic and sales is bound to drop in the future, sellers of stickers and skins are most assuredly appreciating the increased attention.