Review: Boombot REX – Stay Connected to Your Friends and Your Music

Review: Boombot REX – Stay Connected to Your Friends and Your Music

The world is full of small Bluetooth capable speakers. But how about a small Bluetooth speaker that’s also reasonably waterproof, has pretty decent sound, and can even clip to your belt? Enter the Boombot REX.



The Boombot REX is a small (85MM(W) X 80MM(H) X 54MM(D)) hexagonal shaped speaker that connects to your Bluetooth capable device or computer, supplying around 5 hours of use on a one hour charge. The REX is termed “OK” for water resistance, (a light rain), and comes with a auxiliary audio cable and USB charging cable. (No charger, you’ll need to supply your own, or use the USB port on your Mac or PC.)

The Boombot REX that was supplied to me was the “Pitch Black” model. The company also makes other models in various color schemes. I found the black color to be attractive and low-key. I’m not big on neon colors.

The Boombot REX is equipped with both IN and OUT auxiliary ports, which allows the REX to be daisy-chained with other REX’s to increase the audio oomph.

Controlling the REX is easy, as it has all its controls on top of the speaker. Four rubberized buttons control power, play and pause, and volume.

Bluetooth pairing was easy-peasy with the Boombot REX, as it immediately goes into pairing mode when turned on. I was able to select the REX from a list on my iPhone Bluetooth device list, and the two immediately paired.

I found the sound coming from the REX of a good quality, and found the sound more than adequate for most uses. I listened to music and podcasts from my iPhone via the REX while in the shower, and found that I was able to easily hear the content over the din of the shower.


I did find that at higher volumes, the sound did tend to distort, getting some bass rattle, which is a definite minus, but one that I also experienced when using other small speakers of this type. The distortion was minimized when the REX was clipped to my belt. I noticed it most when the speaker was sitting on a hard surface. You can play with the equalizer settings on your music source and that should help remedy the issue.

While the Boombot REX won’t exactly fill your home with sound, it is more than up to the task of listening to music while you work at your desk, or while getting your daily exercise walking, jogging or biking. (A nice option for those that find it hard to keep headphones in place while engaging in activities such as these.)

One nice feature of the REX is the included clip on the backside of the speaker that allows you to clip the speaker to your belt or pocket to allow you to easily bring the speaker along when walking or riding. (The company offers a $29.99 handlebar mount kit to mount the speaker to your bicycle’s handlebars.)

While the 6 hour playing time per charge is a little short when compared to other speakers, recharging time amounts to only an hour, so it is acceptable.

I did take a few phone calls via the REX, and found that I was able to easily hear the other party, and they were able to clearly hear me.



While the REX won’t blast you out of your chair, it is a option I would recommend to anyone looking for a small portable speaker that will deliver good sound, and prove durable for those with active lifestyles.

At $99.99 there are definitely cheaper alternatives available on the market, but while the REX’s price point may turn some potential customers off, others will find the performance of the REX gives good bang for the buck.


Price: $99.99 – Available on the Boombot website and


  • Good sound for the size.
  • Waterproof to a degree. You won’t have to worry about getting caught in a rainstorm.
  • Clips to your belt, pocket, or bike handlebars. Great for those who don’t like headphones.


  • The price point for the REX could be considered a little high when compared to other comparable speakers.
  • If you crank up the volume too loudly, you may get some distortion.