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AgileBits’ 1Password 5 Goes Freemium With iOS 8 Compatible Release

AgileBits’ 1Password 5 Goes Freemium With iOS 8 Compatible Release

In all the iOS release hullabaloo on Wednesday, we forgot to report that AgileBits has released 1Password 5 for iOS 8, which is the latest update to their popular password manager/secure wallet app. And get this, its gone freemium!

1Password 5 for iOS 8

1Password 5 for iOS 8 allows users to create and securely edit and store logins, credit card information, secure notes, and more. It also syncs with 1Password for Mac, Windows, Android, and to other iOS devices.

Unlock with just a finger
– Unlock 1Password with Touch ID is finally here!
– Yes, even when using our brand new iOS 8 App Extension in Safari and other apps!

Safari + 1Password, together at last
– Never go on safari solo – log in with the 1Password Safari extension!
– Fill Logins directly into web pages without ever leaving Safari.

1Password + your favorite apps
– Call forth the power of 1Password’s App Extension to log into your favorite apps with just a tap!
– Update passwords in supported apps, 1Password updates your item.
– Encourage all your apps to support the 1Password Extension!

iCloud now goes to 11
– Faster, better, stronger using Apple’s new CloudKit technology.
– CloudKit requires 1Password 5 on iOS 8 and 1Password 5 for OS X 10.10, coming soon!

Free upgrade!
– Existing 1Password 4 for iOS owners get version 5 and all Pro features for the low, low price of free!

While the app is free to download, users who wish to unlock “Pro” features, such as multiple vaults, all category types, organizing of passwords with folders and tags, and adding of custom fields, can purchase a Pro membership for $9.99 via a one-time in-app purchase.

Fear not 1Password 4 for iOS users, your previous purchase entitles you to the Pro features for free. (The app will recognize this after you’ve downloaded the update from the App Store.)

Probably the most exciting new feature for owners of iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus devices is the new Touch ID unlocking compatibility.

1Password also includes iOS 8 app extensions, which allows 1Password to fill in logins, credit card info, and other information in Safari, as well as third-party apps that add support for it. It can also update a login password if you change it in an app, and generate passwords and logins during a signup process.

AgileBits says the extensions already work with over 100 apps in the App Store, including Twitterrific, Pocket Informant, and more!

Note: 1Password uses Apple’s new iCloud Drive to sync data via iCloud, and iCloud won’t be available on Macs until the release of OS X Yosemite. So, if you currently sync with you Mac via iCloud, you might want to disable automatic app updates until both iOS 8 and Yosemite are both publicly available. Another option is to sync via Dropbox. For more information, visit this website.

1Password for iOS 8 is now available FREE for the iPad and iPhone. [DIRECT LINK]

(Via AppAdvice)