App Store Numbers Indicate 46% Adoption Rate for iOS 8

App Store Numbers Indicate 46% Adoption Rate for iOS 8

It’s right at a week now since the release of iOS 8 to the public, and usage numbers via Apple’s App Store developer support page show the new mobile operating system is installed on 46% of the devices that connect to the iOS App Store. The number show 49% of users are hanging in there with iOS 7, while 5% are running older versions of the OS.



Earlier this month, Apple’s analytics indicated that 92% of devices connected to the App Store were using iOS 7, while 7% were using iOS 6 and 1% were on earlier versions of the mobile operating system. In December 2013, iOS 7 usage was at 74 percent, which jumped to 78 percent later that month. In late January, iOS 7 usage was at 80% and then scaled to 85% in March.

iOS 8 was released last Tuesday. The new OS brought new features such as the Health app, interactive notifications, and third-party keyboards to iOS devices.

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