iPhone 6 Teardown Reveals 1810 mAH Battery

iPhone 6 Teardown Reveals 1810 mAH Battery

This year Apple released two big iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. We’ve already shared what iFixit found with their iPhone 6 Plus teardown, now its time to see what they found when they did the same thing to the Plus’s smaller kin, the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 teardown

Kicking off the iPhone 6 teardown, iFixit found the traditional Pentalobe screws keeping the whole thing together. Plenty of Phillips screws inside, though.

First off, the iPhone 6, as expected, is sporting a much lower capacity battery, coming in at a 1810 mAh rating, compared to the Plus’s WAY bigger 2915 mAh battery. It’s still a nice bump from the 1500 mAh battery found in the iPhone 5s.

Before taking the device apart, iFixit measured the “bump” that is the iPhone 6’s rear-facing camera. It sticks out about 0.6 mm. No optical image stabilization of the camera found in the iPhone 6 Plus, but it shares virtually all of its other specs: 8 megapixels, f/2.2 aperture, True Tone flash, and phase-detection autofocus.

iFixit also confirms that the iPhone 6 NFC chip is, as reported, made by NXP. That company also made the new “M8” motion co-processor found in the device.

The headphone jack and Lightning connector are now one piece.

The processor is the Apple A8 APL1011 SoC + SK Hynix RAM with markings of H9CKNNN8KTMRWR-NTH (1 GB LPDDR3 RAM, the same as in the iPhone 6 Plus)

iFixit give the iPhone 6 a 7 out of 10 for repairability, noting the rerouting of the Touch ID sensor cable, and the easy accessibility to the battery. Downers were the Pentalobe screws, and the lack of sharing of repair info on Apple’s part.

There’s more, SO much more you can see, with pretty photos, if you visit the iFixit.com website.

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