Pebble Cuts Prices on Their Smartwatches, Takes a Jab at Competitors

Pebble Cuts Prices on Their Smartwatches, Takes a Jab at Competitors

Pebble isn’t waiting around for Apple’s new wearable to actually arrive on shelves before taking preemptive action, as the company has dropped the price on both models of its popular smartwatches, and is even taking a jab or two at the competition.


MacRumors reports that Pebble has updated its website to include a graphic of a “gleeful” Pebble watch, which says, “Chill.” Above that are the words, “Breathe, Jony. It’s just a watch.”

A little farther down the page, Pebble promotes its seven day battery life, saying, “Why measure battery life in days? ‘Cuz we can.” Which is a jab at devices that measure their battery life in hours, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and let’s be honest, likely the Apple Watch.

Pebble goes on to tout its relatively low cost and customizability.

Pebble has made the already comparatively low price of its smartwatches a bit more attractive, by cutting the prices of both the Pebble and Pebble Steel, dropping the prices to $99 and $199, respectively. Apple’s watch is expected to start at the $349 level.

The company recently updated the firmware for their watches, introducing new features such as emojis, compass apps, and sleep monitoring.

Pebble watches are also now available from more resellers, including Sam’s Club, Fry’s Electronics, and more.

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