Review: Camera Plus 4.0 for iPhone and iPad

Review: Camera Plus 4.0 for iPhone and iPad

While I enjoy a camera app with a bazillion features, filters, and effects as much as the next guy, sometime you’d just like to have a camera app handy that does a few great extra things, but doesn’t overload you with features. Camera Plus 4.0 from Global Delight Technologies is that sort of camera app.



Camera Plus 4.0 (not to be confused with Camera+), is an easy to use, yet fully featured camera app for your iPhone or iPad, (or both at the same time, more about that later), that allows you to quickly focus on an object and take a shot, and then quickly edit and save the shot to your device’s camera roll.

Camera Plus includes the usual camera controls, such as: Flash On/Off/Auto, a grid you can turn on to help you compose your shot, a burst mode, and a timer. But it’s the extra added touches for most standard features that sets the app apart from other “simple” camera apps.

For example, the on-screen grid that aids in composing the shot includes one part of the grid that shows when your camera shot is level. The shot timer is settable in 5 second increments from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds. The burst mode can take from 3 to 10 shots in succession, or take them for as long as you hold the shutter button. (Although I do wish the burst mode was faster.) An easy to use “Lumy” slider also allows you to easily adjust exposure before you take the shot.

Video recording in Camera Plus is simple and quick. An additional still shot shutter button is included to allow still shots while you’re recording video. Merely stopping the video capture doesn’t save it to your camera roll, you’ll need to hit the square stop button to save your recording. The level function in the grid also works in video mode. The app also includes a stabilization function to cut down on shaking while recording video.

With the release of iOS 8, Camera Plus 4.0 includes iOS 8 features, including:

  • FAMILY SHARING – Compatible for use by member devices, making it perfect for use in AirSnap etc.
  • EXTENSIONS – Use Camera Plus’ photo editing features including Pix’d, Filters and Text via the default Photos app
  • HANDOFF — Automatically initiate AirSnap on another device that has your iCloud account logged in
  • DIRECT DELETION – Delete captures in the Photos app directly from Camera Plus. Deleted captures can be found in the Photos app trash
  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE EDITING – Edit photos and re-edit/alter the applied effects later
  • SHARE BETWEEN iOS AND MAC – Instantly transfer captures between iOS and Mac (requires OS X v10.10) using AirDrop

Camera Plus’s editing functions aren’t the most feature rich I’ve ever seen, but they’re likely enough to get the job done for most users. A quick auto-enhance filter “Pix’d” is likely enough to fix the color balance in most photos, and you always have the chance to cancel any of the effects before saving the photo. Other filters include 10 various effects you’ll recognize as similar to other apps, and you also have the option to manually tweak your photo settings via brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, and other settings.

As of iOS 8, the built-in iOS Photos app can also use all of the Camera Plus filters, including Pix’d. It can also use the text features to create captions for your pics in various sizes and font styles.

Camera Plus is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, and by using a feature called “AirSnap,” you can remotely control the camera on one device from the other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing remote shutter capabilities. I tried this using my iPhone 5s and iPad Air, both connected via Wi-Fi, and running iOS 8, and found it to work as advertised.

Camera Plus offers one $0.99 in-app purchase called “Locked Roll.” This feature allows you to save your photos to a password protected storage area on your device that can only be accessed via a password, or via Touch ID. The Locked Roll is well hidden, as it took me a few moments to realize how to access the feature. Touch ID works well for accessing the hidden photos, although it took some looking to find the settings to turn it on.



I found Camera Plus to be an easy to use and efficient camera app. The extra features in the app truly make it worthy of any photography buff’s money. (Apple is currently including the app in the “Best New Apps,” and “Great Apps for iOS 8” lists on the App Store.)

Camera Plus’s features and ease of use make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take clean, well composed photos while also having access to a decent amount of editing tools and effects.

The menus could be a little easier to discover, as some features, such as accessing the “Locked Roll,” or other settings took some time to find.

If you’re interested in using your iPhone or iPad’s camera to it’s fullest potential, there are other apps with a lot more bells and whistles, but none that match the ease of use Camera Plus 4.0 offers.

(Reviewed on an iPhone 5s)

Rating: 3.5/5.0[rating:3.5]

Price: $1.99 – With a $0.99 in-app purchase available. For the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Easy to use, low learning curve.
  • Built-in niceties such as an adjustable timer and burst mode.
  • A good variety of filters and effects, but not overwhelming.
  • The “Locked Roll” is a nice feature.


  • The “Locked Roll” may be a little too well hidden.
  • Settings for the app are not easy to find, the icons make sense once you figure it out, but…
  • I understand in-app purchases for free apps, but when you’ve already laid down $1.99 of your money for the app, having to lay out an extra 99 cents for the “Locked Roll” seems a little nickle and dime-ish.