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App of the Week: Sharkie – Find and Remove Screenshots with Ease

App of the Week: Sharkie – Find and Remove Screenshots with Ease

It’s happened to all of us (I’m sure). You’re scrolling through your photos on your iPhone, looking at your fondest family memories, grainy selfies, and then BOOM – a screenshot of your lock screen, a once funny Facebook post, or some message you once thought was important pops up. Screenshots can be helpful on occasion, but more often than not, they clutter your camera roll and distract from the real purpose – recording beautiful memories.  Swiping through your camera roll to track down each screenshot to delete can be a pain, but thankfully, there’s a better way!

Sharkie-permission Sharkie-scan

Sharkie is the perfect solution (for iOS 8 users) to clear their camera roll of unwanted screenshots quickly and easily. Simply allow camera roll access, and the Shark will blast through your photos details hunting for all the screenshots in your library.

Once it’s finished the search, you’re presented with an thumbnail of all the screenshots on your device, where you can check yes or uncheck what screenshots you’d like to delete. Then, with a single tap, order is restored to the kingdom and all the screenshots are removed from your device.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to view a larger preview of the screenshots from the thumbnail view, so it may be hard to know what’s being removed, but when both device storage and iCloud storage (remember, iCloud Photo Library is coming) can be eaten up by pictures, this is an easy way to manage some of that space, no jailbreak required.

Sharkie-select Sharkie-delete

Sharkie is free in the App Store (requires iOS 8 device), and is a great solution for clearing out unwanted/old/accidental screenshots with ease.

The App of the Week is a feature written by Ian Fuchs, and is designed as a way to provide exposure to apps that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed in the App Store. If you have an App of the Week suggestion (for Mac, iPhone, or iPad), email it to ian(at)mactrast.com, or find me at @ianfuchs on Twitter.