App of the Week: Tadaa – HD Pro Camera

App of the Week: Tadaa – HD Pro Camera

The iPhone’s camera is rapidly approaching the capabilities and quality of many professional photography cameras. With gorgeous contrast, beautifully saturated colors, and sharp edges, the iPhone can produce some stunning photos. One catch that the iPhone (and most smartphones) have is the lack of consistent Depth of Field.

In our first edition of “App of the Week,” we’re featuring a great photography app that helps provide that missing link between DSLR and iPhonography, allowing you to create truly excellent photos, with the depth of field of a professional camera – no attachments necessary.


Tadaa – HD Pro Camera is exactly what it’s name implies. This simple iPhone app allows manual camera controls, similar to what the pros use. Using simple sliders (up and down for exposure, side to side for focus), you can perfectly setup your shot in a matter of seconds. Once things are lined up correctly, snap your photo and you’re whisked away the edit screen (or free to snap another, depending on settings).

The edit screen is where Tadaa is much better, in my opinion, than many others. Using a combination of mask and eraser (as well as it’s smart edge detection), you can mask areas of your photo to apply effects and create greater depth of field in a more controlled, preferred manner.


Here’s an example of a photo BEFORE adding the mask (on left), and AFTER, with a slight blur applied (on right). Notice the softer background and more pronounced subject, without the tilt-shift edges or blurring of the subject that other editors give you.


Is it perfect – not really. Is it better than the original – for sure. Is it as good as a DSLR – not even close, but for being a free app, you really can’t go wrong with Tadaa! Check it out in the App Store!

The App of the Week is a feature written by Ian Fuchs, and is intended as a way to provide exposure to apps that may otherwise go overlooked or unnoticed in the App Store. If you have an App of the Week suggestion, (for Mac, iPhone, or iPad), send it to, or find me at @ianfuchs on Twitter.

Until next week – Enjoy!