Apple Hasn’t Changed The iPhone 6 Plus to Prevent Bending

Apple Hasn’t Changed The iPhone 6 Plus to Prevent Bending

Reports that Apple has reinforced the inside of iPhone 6 Plus handsets as a response to “bendgate,” the overblown device bending hullaballoo, are not true.



Earlier today users noticed an increase in weight for newly purchased units of the iPhone 6 Plus compared to the 172grams Apple quotes on its website.

Repair guide website iFixit noted in a Reddit post that it had tested a newly purchased device and found a weight difference of 172.7 grams to 173.5 grams.

“We had a Day One iPhone 6 Plus, 128 GB, Silver, Verizon unit. I put it on the dealer scale we have on-premises, and it weighed 172.7 grams. It’s on the high end, but still within Apple’s listed 172 gram spec. I just went to the store and bought a brand-spanking-new iPhone 6 Plus, 128 GB, Space Gray, Verizon unit…It weighs 173.5 grams, a whopping 0.8 grams more than the Day One unit.” 

Of course that post was picked up and ran with by multiple news sites, leading to speculation by many that the weight difference was caused by reinforcements added to address the “bending concerns.” 9to5Mac confirmed however, that any observed difference in weight is normal, and that the new handsets have not had a secret modification made.

Apple’s own website for the iPhone 6 Plus informs users that “Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.” 9to5Mac’s report indicates that there can be a 1.5 gram weight variance between any teo iPhone 6 Plus handsets, accounting for the observed weigh variance.