OS X Yosemite Upgraders Report Bluetooth Lag and Connection Issues

OS X Yosemite Upgraders Report Bluetooth Lag and Connection Issues

Apple’s recent updates all seem to be bitten by the Bluetooth bug, as users running OS X Yosemite report they’re experiencing connectivity issues with their Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, Apple wireless keyboard, and third-party wireless accessories.

OS X Yosemite Bluetooth Settings


In a growing thread on the Apple Support Communities forums, users report that Yosemite has created problems when connecting to wireless input accessories, including Apple’s own hardware. Some have trouble connecting entirely, while others say noticeable lag has been introduced since updating to Yosemite.

“My Magic Mouse and my Bluetooth Keyboard have a 0.5 second of latency, lag,” user ‘O00Dany00O’ wrote. “This (happens) when the MacBook is not plugged in with a battery charger.” He noted that the problems don’t exist when his MacBook Pro is charging, but others said they are experiencing constant issues with Bluetooth regardless of the Mac’s charging state.

Other users report issues when attempting to connect their iPhone via Bluetooth to their Mac. While some report issues using non-Apple accessories, such as speakers and headphones.

Users report attempting various fixes – such as resetting their Mac’s PRAM – only to see the issues resurface later on.

Users report issues with both MacBook Pros and Mac minis, suggesting the issue is not limited to just notebooks running Apple’s latest Mac OS.

Users reported Bluetooth connectivity issues on their iPhones following Apple’s release of iOS 8 in September, however reports indicate at least some of those problems were resolved with Apple’s release of iOS 8.1, earlier this week.

  1. David Hilton says:

    Is apple even attempting to fix the bluetooth latency issue?

    1. AG says:

      I’m sure they are. They got the 10.10 update out pretty quickly and I’d give it a week or two at the most before they have another small update out. They may not be able to throw it in for another month or so but I’m sure they’ll release a hotfix for it pretty quickly because it’s something that’s noticeable to almost all that actually use bluetooth devices.

      1. Andrew Mead says:

        Seems to still be happening for me :/

  2. EL says:

    Same here also still happening!

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