Some OS X Yosemite Users Report Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Some OS X Yosemite Users Report Wi-Fi Connection Issues

A number of users have been reporting Wi-Fi issues on their Macs ever since upgrading to OS X Yosemite.



Extensive threads about Wi-Fi problems have surfaced on both the MacRumors forums and on Apple’s own Support Communities as well, suggesting there are quite a few users who are seeing Wi-Fi connection issues after installing Yosemite.

According to the posts, Wi-Fi connections are extremely slow, and in some cases the Wi-Fi connections disconnect continually after just a few minutes.

“Since upgrading to Yosemite, my previously-stable (with Mavericks) wifi connection keeps dropping. I have to click the wifi icon and re-select my network every minute or two. I have turned off bluetooth and uninstalled/reinstalled wifi and my networks. I have rebooted multiple times. No luck so far. It appears that others are having similar problems.”

The issues seem to be affecting a wide variety of different MacBooks, with different routers, and different locations. While a number of fixes have been suggested, no one solution seems to work for everyone.

Some users have had luck disabling Bluetooth, turning off Handoff, creating new Network Locations, doing a clean Yosemite install, setting a router to “G-mode only,” turning off Dropbox syncing, disabling WPA router encryption, or turning off all proxies in Network preferences, but other users have not been able to solve their Wi-Fi problems at all even attempting all of the above listed solutions. Swapping to a 2.4GHz band has, however, worked for a large number of users.

OS X Daily has published an in-depth tutorial on possible fixes for OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi issues, and users experiencing the issues are recommended to visit the site and attempt the fixes laid out there. However, for users who can’t find a fix, the site recommends downgrading to OS X Mavericks until Yosemite is updated.

As always, before attempting any fix, make sure you have a good backup via TIme Machine or another backup utility, and use caution when deleting files.

MacTrast will keep you posted on any further developments on this issue.