App of the Week: Golfinity – Never Ending Mini Golf

App of the Week: Golfinity – Never Ending Mini Golf

When it comes to iPhone gaming, I love “mindless” games. Playing a game whenever I need to kill a few minutes, without the need to get invested in complex levels or overly elaborate story lines. Golfinity is one of those games, offering a fun, and seemingly never-ending miniature golf experience on iOS devices.


Available for free in the App Store, Golfinity offers endless mini golf levels, and diverse challenges. Using fixed perspective on each hole, your goal is to hit the ball from the tee to the hold, avoiding holes, utilizing the walls, ramps, stairs and whatever else the game can throw at you, just like a real golf course.  Even better than real golf, though, Golfinity requires no clubs, no carts, and no walking, making it the perfect way to play a few holes whenever the moments right!


Unlike so many other games, there is no going back once you’d chosen to proceed from a hole, meaning the only way to go is onward to the next hole in line. Using the par meter at the top, players can get a feel for how challenging a hole may be, and the game center integration allows you to see how your score on a hole compares to the rest of the iOS world.

If you love fun, mindless, almost puzzling games, Golfinity is certainly worth downloading. It has become one of my favorites in the last few weeks, and the ever-more-challenging levels has kept me drawn into playing whenever I have a few minutes to burn. Check out Golfinity for free in the App Store today!


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