Apple Changes “FREE” Buttons to “GET” in The App Store

Apple Changes “FREE” Buttons to “GET” in The App Store

Apple has changed the “FREE” buttons for free apps in its App Store to now read “GET.” The change has taken place on both the iOS and Mac App Stores.



Apps that have an upfront cost continue to be listed with a price underneath, but apps that do not now display the new wording. “Get” has replaced “Free” in the main App Store view on iOS, on the App Store Top Charts, and on individual app pages. The main App Store view on the desktop is still using the former “Free” wording, but it’s likely to update soon.

Apple hasn’t commented on why they made the change, however it’s likely due to the rising hullaballoo over “free” apps that have in-app purchases. Earlier this year, the European Commission requested Apple and Google change the way they display “free” apps, to avoid misleading customers about apps that include in-app purchases.

Google announced in July that it would cease calling games that included in-app purchases as “free.” This prompted the European Commission to increasingly put pressure on Apple to make the same move.

Apple has in the past made changes to the App Store in order to more efficiently inform customers about in-app purchases. Any app with in-app purchases are now clearly marked with an “Offers In-App Purchases” notice.

Apple also requires customers to enter their passcode before making an in-app purchase, and also requires their express consent via a popup warning. with the debut of iOS 8, Apple added even more control over in-app purchases, allowing parents to approve or deny their offspring’s purchases via the new Family Sharing feature.

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