Apple Increases Enterprise Market Share in Q3 2014

Apple Increases Enterprise Market Share in Q3 2014

Apple iOS operating system made a nice turnaround this past quarter, as it reversed a trend of quarterly declines and increased its share of the enterprise market. Android lost ground during the same quarter, says Good Technology’s latest Mobility Index Report.

Enterprise Market Share: iOS Enterprise Activations - Q3 2014


In Q3 2014, iOS device activations in the enterprise sector grew two percentage points, expanding from 67 to 69 percent. Android, concomitantly, slipped 2 percent, accounting for 29 percent of net device activations. Windows Phone remained a very distant third with only 1 percent of activations, a figure that has remained flat for the past six quarters.

Much of Apple’s quarterly gain is likely due to the surge in iOS activations in September, due to the launch of Apple’s iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. iOS was down to 66% of activations in July and August, however iOS activations made up 73% of September activations.

Enterprise Market Share: Tablet Activations - Q3 2014

In the tablet enterprise market, Apple continue to take the lion’s share of activations, however Android did grab a slightly increased market share for Q3, grabbing 11% of all enterprise tablet activations, compared to the iPad’s 89% share.