iOS 8 Is Now on 56% of Active iOS Devices

iOS 8 Is Now on 56% of Active iOS Devices

Seven and a half weeks after its release, iOS 8 is installed on 56% of all active devices. Those numbers come from Apple’s App Store support page for its developers.

iOS 8 Adoption

Installation numbers for Apple’s latest mobile operating system have increased around 4% over the last two weeks, for an 8% increase over the last month.The OS was installed on 48 percent of devices as of October 13. As of September 21, it was installed on 46% of devices.

The steady increase in iOS 8 installation numbers comes in the wake of the release of iOS 8.1, which included features likely to entice users to upgrade, such as Apple Pay, SMS Forwarding, and iCloud Photo Library.

Apple’s initial iOS 8 release, and the updates following, were plagued by bugs. Just ahead of the official launch of the new OS, Apple discovered a bug in HealthKit that required all HealthKit-enabled apps to be pulled from the App Store. A fix for the bug, via iOS 8.0.1, was soon released, but that update had a nasty side effect of disabling the cellular and Touch ID functionality on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets.

Those issues, and others discovered since the release of iOS 8.0.2 – which fixed the issues brought on by iOS 8.0.1 – may have discouraging iOS users from updating to Apple’s latest mobile OS.

iOS 8.1 fixed many of the issues with the previous updates, likely enticing users who had been waiting to upgrade.

(Via MacRumors)