Apple’s iPad Continues to Dominate North American Web Traffic

Apple’s iPad Continues to Dominate North American Web Traffic

While the iPad may not command the market share it once did, Apple’s venerable tablet continues to dominate North American web traffic.

iPad Leads North American Web Traffic


Analyzing the Web traffic generated by a range of tablets in North America during September,Chitika pegged the iPad with a share of 79.9 percent. That number was down just a bit from the 81 percent seen in September last year. But it inched up 1.9 percentage points from July.

The stats were collected in September, so they don’t include any traffic bump the iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 may have contributed. However, many retailers discounted the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini ahead of Apple’s release of the newer models.

“A variety of larger retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Staples discounted iPad Mini and Air models leading up to the release of two new iPads early this fall, which may have contributed to the recent share rise,” Chitika said in its report. “While Apple has stated that global iPad sales have trended down over the past few quarters, this doesn’t seem to be quite as true domestically, as IDC notes that the U.S. is driving growth in the tablet market in general.”

Amazon’s Kindle lineup took a distant second place, with a 6.7% traffic share, unchanged from a year ago. Samsung grabbed third with 6%, up from 5.1% in 2013. Microsoft snagged just 1.7% of the web traffic.

In gathering the data for its report, Chitika sampled tens of millions of online ad impressions collected on tablets in the US and Canada during the entire month of September.