New App Connects Fitbit Devices to Apple’s iOS 8 Health App

New App Connects Fitbit Devices to Apple’s iOS 8 Health App

If you’re a Fitbit user who’s frustrated that they haven’t introduced Apple Health app compatibility, you’ll likely be very interested in Sync Solver for Fitbit, a new $0.99 app that just hit the App Store. The app automatically exports Fitbit data such as steps, weight, and sleep into the Health app.

Sync Solver for Fitbit Screenshots


In addition to steps, the 99-cent Sync Solver app also supports flights climbed, distance, weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, sleep analysis, dietary calories, resting calories, and active calories. 

By accessing a user’s Fitbit account, Sync Solver collects data from a Fitbit device, which includes everything from step trackers to connected scales, and automatically syncs with the user’s account once a day. (Users must both approve giving the app access to their account, and allow it to read and write data in the iOS 8 Health app.

The app was made necessary due to Fitbit’s decision to not integrate with Apple’s HealthKit platform in iOS 8. For users who have invested money in Fitbit’s ecosystem, this app looks like a welcome alternative to starting over with another company’s devices.

Sync Solver is available for $0.99 for the iPhone in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]