Practical & Durable Cases For Your iPhone 6 From Verus

Practical & Durable Cases For Your iPhone 6 From Verus

Are you thinking about walking around with a fresh and clean iPhone 6 sans a case? Most of us will, but why? I like keeping my tech as clean as possible and that usually means covering it with something elegant and durable. Verus has come up with three cases that offer a stylish and practical covering.

Verus iPhone 6 Cases
Verus Cases For iPhone 6


The Damda Slide offers space for credit cards and a TPU skin to protect against drops and bumps at $49.99. The Iron Shield is built as an aluminum ring that surrounds a TPU bumper at $39.99 with the front and back fully available to see and touch. The Thor has a soft inner TPU skin and a removable plastic back that is curved to fit nicely in the hand, priced at $27.99.

These Verus cases were introduced at the recent ShowStoppers event during CTIA in Las Vegas. I went hands on with them including a iPhone 6 prototype case to see how everything would fit. They fit perfectly and that is the point.

Verus Thor iPhone 6 Case Gold
Verus Thor iPhone 6 Case Gold

Verus is making headway into the crowded iPhone case market by having some of the first iPhone 6 cases readily available. I like that they are pricing these cases at approachable levels. You could get two to match your mood for the price of one from their larger competitors.

Damda iPhone 6 Case Gold
Verus Damda iPhone 6 Case Gold

A Damda Slide Verus case would work best for those that might want to keep a few business cards on them or any number of possibilities. Because the slider snaps closed, I would consider carrying an ID or cash when going shopping. There is enough space in the back to hold a microSD memory card as well.

Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 Case Gold
Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 Case Gold

This case company is on the right track with the Iron Shield. Apple offered a plastic bumper for the iPhone in the past. Verus is upgrading that experience with the polished aluminum band. The inset buttons for volume are smooth and fit nicely.

The Thor Verus case is the most customizable of the trio. The plastic back looks and feels like the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company offers the Thor backs in multiple colors with the same design. The other nice feature is that the center of the case is curved to fit in the hand better than something squared off.


I like the idea of the Damda Slide case that carries an ID and some cash. This would be a good option for those of us who might want to only carry a minimal amount of stuff in it during a short day trip. The Iron Shield is my favorite of the three cases I tested from Verus and I am giving it a four out of five stars rating. It has two types of protection, a strong aluminum band and buttons made of medal that add some class on top of an inner TPU skin.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Rating: 3.5/5


  • Damda Slide offers a covered spot to carry cards, ID or cash
  • Iron Shield is minimal and the aluminum band feels finely crafted
  • Thor has a full TPU skin with a removable back to easily change styles


  • Damda Slide is slightly bulky due to the storage space in back
  • Iron Shield does not provide any protection to the back of the smartphone
  • Thor’s plastic back should reach the corners of the phone for more protection

Disclaimer: I received Verus iPhone 6 cases at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for this review. Photos are courtesy of Verus. All thoughts and opinions are my own.