Sony Drops Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic – Universal Rumored to Take Over

Sony Drops Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic – Universal Rumored to Take Over

Sony Pictures has reportedly dropped out of the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biographical film. and Variety have both reported on the rumor, and claim that the film is now in turnaround following Sony’s move.

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With Sony out, Universal Studios is rumored to take the reins and will green light production by the end of Thursday. With the quick changing of hands, the untitled Jobs film is unlikely to suffer serious setbacks, Deadline said.

The Jobs film has been rumored to have several Hollywood names attached to it, as well as Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay, based on the bestselling Walter Isaacson biography. Seth Rogen has been rumored to be taking on the role of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, while a number of actors have been rumored for the role of Jobs, including Christian Bale. Currently, the rumor mill indicates Michael Fassbender is the leading candidate for the role.

Sorkin has told the press that the film will be less of an all encompassing biopic, and more of a segment of Jobs life, told through his relationships with family and co-workers.

Sorkin also shared that the film – which will focus on three 30-minute scenes showing Jobs backstage before the announcements for the Mac, NeXT, and the iPod – will also feature the character of Jobs’ daughter Lisa. She will play a major role, as the “heroine” of the film. Lisa Brennan Jobs, who declined to contribute to the Walter Isaacson biography of her father, has worked with Sorkin on the screenplay of the film.

Jobs initially denied that he was Lisa’s father, although they later reconnected and she lived with him during her teen years.

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