Apple Now Using Apple Maps For Maps

Apple Now Using Apple Maps For Maps

Apple has finally made the transition from Google Maps to their own Apple Maps solution on their website. The site’s Find My iPhone web app has begun using Apple’s own in-house mapping solution. Find My iPhone Apple Maps

By using their own homegrown mapping solution, Apple cuts out that last bit of reliance on frenemy Google’s mapping technology. Apple began moving away from Google’s solution in 2012, when it first debuted it’s own Apple Maps.

iOS apps such as Find My iPhone began using Apple Maps shortly following its debut in iOS 6, however continued to use Google Maps information until now.

When Apple Maps was released as a part of iOS 6, it faced a high amount of criticism over its mapping errors and implementation. Apple has been constantly working ever since then to improve the mapping service, and is said to be working on adding indoor mapping and transit features to the app.

(Via MacRumors)