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Blow Off Holiday Frustration With ‘Christmas Shopper Simulator’

Blow Off Holiday Frustration With ‘Christmas Shopper Simulator’

You are slowly going mad from holiday shopping, the crowds, the parking, the crowds, limited supplies of all the popular toys, the crowds… Did I mention the crowds? Sure, you could take your frustrations out like you usually do, kicking plastic reindeer, and whispering veiled threats to every inflatable Santa you meet, but there’s a better way!

Christmas Shopper Simulator

Christmas Shopper Simulator:

Prepare to be mildly thrilled and as excited as is reasonable to expect… Introducing Christmas Shopper Simulator!

Embark on an epic quest to do a bit of Christmas shopping, complete with all the disappointment, frustration and suspension of the laws of physics that you’d find in a real shopping centre!

  • Achieve achievements that will test your gaming prowess and look great on your CV!
  • Complete missions in order to give your day, and indeed your entire existence a whole new degree of meaning!
  • Wonder constantly whether there’s something more important you could be doing!

Christmas Shopper Simulator is available free from GAME, and if you’ve ever played the popular (and weird) Goat Simulator, you’ll know exactly what to do once you load the game.

Sure, the stated goal of the free game is to complete your Christmas shopping, and you can do just that. But as you play, you’ll find it’s much more fun to see how much havoc you can accomplish!

Christmas Shopper Simulator is available FREE from GAME, and it’s available for both the Mac and Windows PCs. [DIRECT LINK]

(Via BGR)

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