Happy Holidays To All Our Readers From MacTrast!

Happy Holidays To All Our Readers From MacTrast!

It’s Christmas Day, and the folks here at MacTrast are taking the day off to spend some time with our families and likely indulge in too much Christmas cheer. (See the mention above about spending time with our families…)

Yule Logs to Warm Your Heart - Happy Holidays From MacTrast

To help you celebrate, we’ve found a number of “Yule Log” videos to help you and your family enjoy the holidays. You won’t feel any heat from the fires. Well, unless your Mac is overheating, and maybe you really should get that looked at….

“Which is to say Christmas, as in Yule. Yule log. Not a log. I don’t have a log, but I mean, you know, if I had a log. Not in the sense you think you think I said I did. Good golly.”

While Yule Logs are all well and good, let’s get down to the meaning of the season, Christmas Carols from The Avengers! (And Groot!)

Our first is from Bub the Cat. I don’t know about you, but an hour long video of a cat with his tongue out in front of a roaring fire is a little much for me, but to each their own. (Doesn’t his tongue dry out?)

Next up is for our German friends, “Kaminfeuer für Weihnachten – 2 Stunde Full HD entspannende Kaminfeuer” which translates to: “Beer tastes great, even in the coldest weather.” Um, I’ve just been informed it translates to: “Fireplace for Christmas – 2 hours Full HD relaxing fireplace.” (I liked the original translation better… -Ed.)

Here’s a fireplace for those who like their fireplaces a bit more modern, and low-key. Santa might even be able to land in this one and only come out slightly singed.

For our finale, we offer “Fire Log With Chemicals” – Watch and learn.

MacTrast wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays. We’ll be back on Friday, only slightly hung-over, and possibly still waiting under the mistletoe for someone (anyone) to kiss us.