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Judge Dismisses Apple Store Employee ‘Bag Check’ Lawsuits

Judge Dismisses Apple Store Employee ‘Bag Check’ Lawsuits

In light of a recent Supreme Court ruling, a federal judge has dismissed a pair of proposed class-action lawsuits against Apple. The lawsuits, brought by Apple Store employees, argued the company’s anti-theft policies caused them to lose wages.

Apple Retail Store Employees
Run! They want to check our pockets for iPhones!


Last Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsop dismissed with prejudice a suit alleging loss prevention practices applied at Apple Stores across the country deprived workers of “millions of dollars” in wages and overtime.

The judges ruling hinges on a unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court (PDF) that regarded a similar situation with employee security checks and overtime pay.

In the case INTEGRITY STAFFING SOLUTIONS, INC. v. BUSK, the court found that a temporary employment agency wasn’t responsible for paying Amazon warehouse workers who were subject to mandatory security screening. Plaintiffs had argued that they should be compensated for the time spent during Amazon’s daily screenings. However, the decision, penned by Justice Clarence Thomas,¬†said the process was not “integral and indispensable” to their jobs.

Judge Alsop consolidated and dismissed the two actions against Apple, noting the case claims do not survive Busk.

The original complaint against Apple, filed in June of last year, alleged Apple had deprived their hourly retail workers of due pay by employing bag checks when they clocked out for lunch breaks and at the end of a shift.

The plaintiffs has until January 6 to present a second consolidated complaint.