Plummet: Man Turns His Tragic Accident Into an iPhone Game

Plummet: Man Turns His Tragic Accident Into an iPhone Game

Making the best of a bad situation, that’s what Reddit user Mark Major (Kindlingapp) did when he took a horrible experience in his life and turned it into Plummet, a game for the iPhone.



After breaking his back in a freak accident at a construction site, he decided to turn the experience into an iPhone game Plummet under the name Broken Back Games.

Major relates his experience: “Seven years ago while in Beijing I had a freak accident.With no warning, I tumbled down a construction shaft and fractured my spine. My sole memory of the accident was the free falling plummet I had before hitting my head on the side. I woke to find myself at the bottom of a construction shaft with a sore head, tight chest and the broken pieces of a wooden plank which I had crashed through during my plummet.”

In 2014 Major was laid-off from his job. That gave him time to think, and time to develop the game. Starting with hand-drawn stick figures, Major connected with a Serbian designer and Romanian developer in order to turn his real-life accident into an iOS game.

Plummet is due to be released on January 4, 2015. You can sign up to be reminded when it is released by visiting the Broken Back Games website.