VLC Video Player Soon to Return to iOS App Store

VLC Video Player Soon to Return to iOS App Store

The popular VLC video player app could return to the iOS App Store as early as next week. The app was pulled from the App Store without explanation back in September.



Felix Paul Kuehne, lead developer of VLC for both iOS and OS X, posted in his app’s official forums last week, revealing that VLC for iOS will return to the App Store. The developer said it is likely to become available soon after the new year begins, due to Apple’s annual iTunes Connect holiday shutdown.

If VLC makes its way successfully through Apple’s app approval process, it could be available as soon as next week.

Kuehne didn’t specify why he was confident VLC would be available so soon, but he did suggest that he believes┬áthe app will be approved, and will be available for download soon.

The iOS version of VLC has had unpredictable availability in the past, having been pulled multiple times from the App Store, only to later reappear. The most recent withdrawal for the App Store in September is rumored to have been due to licensing issues.