AgileBits Releases 1Password App Updates for iOS and Mac

AgileBits Releases 1Password App Updates for iOS and Mac

AgileBits has apparently been working their developers overtime, as they’ve released updates for both the iOS and Mac versions of their popular 1Password Password Manager and Secure Wallet app.

AgileBits Releases 1Password App Updates for iOS and Mac

1Password for iOS – Version 5.2

Version 5.2 of 1Password for iOS offers a new login creator tool, new entry fields for pro users, a one-time password tool for use with two factor auth, improved pro features, and more.

What’s New in 1Password iOS Version 5.2:

All-new Login Creator

  • Adding Logins is easier than ever with a new, streamlined workflow for hundreds of popular sites and services.

Pro Features Get Pro-er

  • One-Time Passwords! Our new tool helps you sign into many services that require a secondary, randomized password (like Amazon and Tumblr). Less fumbling with different apps, more time doing what you need.
  • Attachments can now be deleted from the item editor.
  • You can now add many new custom field types like: addresses, dates, and month/year.


  • You know how days of the week can sometimes blend together? Well, our item details don’t do that anymore. The new layout features Zen-ified White Space™ and Enhanced Readamability® so you can find what you need even faster.
  • Such new password editor design, much pretty, very password. Wow.
  • We tried adding a flux capacitor to the item editor, but you’ll have to settle for a regular ol’ date picker instead.
  • Rich icons are even prettier, and 1Password updates them if you change an item’s URL.
  • The Master Password field now resizes for the occasion, depending on your device screen size.
  • We now show a notification when saving a Login.
AgileBits Releases 1Password App Updates for iOS and Mac


  • Change your Master Password on Mac, it changes on your iOS device. #TheFuture
  • Backups synchronized from iTunes for Windows can now be restored, even if they’re not in the Backups folder.


  • The 1Password Extension for third-party apps will now lock automatically after the security timeout you have set in 1Password.
  • We put 1Password through an intense memory strengthening exercise and it now remembers where you were when you left. Also, welcome back.
  • New user? Starting fresh? Screens for empty vaults are now at least 20% cooler, and even more helpful!
  • Accessibility audit: Our new item detail view and editor should work much better for our customers with impaired vision.
  • 1Password has been updated with the latest translations from our translation service.

1Password for Mac – Version 5.1

The Mac version of 1Password version 5.1 was added numerous improvements to sync, multiple and shared vaults, better credit card number formatting, and much more.

A New Vision for Sync

  • Instantly see all your vaults and whether they are syncing.
  • Easily set up new vaults for syncing, check when they last synced.
  • Quickly decide whether to include/exclude a vault when Wi-Fi syncing.

Wi-Fi Sync

  • Secondary vaults can now sync to iOS! That’s a Wi-Fi-Hi-Five if you ask us! Ok, we’ll see ourselves out.
  • All new Preferences > Wi-Fi Server preference pane.

Multiple and Shared Vaults

  • New secondary vaults are now more identifiable, but still ready for your personal touch.
  • Sync your way—exclude secondary vaults from syncing at all.
AgileBits Releases 1Password App Updates for iOS and Mac

Nope, Not Done With Sync Yet

  • Master Password changes now sync to all devices using iCloud sync.
  • Some alternative Folder Sync solutions should perform better.
  • Empty categories now display sync progress so you know 1Password cares.


  • Watchtower’s change password alert is clearer, more alert-ier.
  • Added support for Firefox Developer Edition without having to disable “Verify browser code signature”.
  • Hover over an address, copy the entire thing in. just. one. click.
  • We now display http://, https://, etc. in item details even when not edting them.
  • 1Password now formats credit card numbers properly. But you’ll still have to consider, really consider, whether this purchase will bring happiness to your life on your own.
  • Added support for Portuguese (Portugal).

Both the iOS and Mac app updates are available free to users of the apps.

1Password for iOS – Version 5.2 is available FREE for the iPhone and iPad in the iOS App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

1Password for Mac – Version 5.1 is available for $49.99 for the Mac in the Mac App Store. [DIRECT LINK]