CES 2015: Toshiba’s Dongle Speeds Up Transfers Between iOS Devices

CES 2015: Toshiba’s Dongle Speeds Up Transfers Between iOS Devices

If you’re a fan of AirDrop for transferring photos between iOS devices, but find it a bit slow for your tastes, Toshiba’s new high-speed file transfer dongle might be just what you’re looking for.

CES 2015: Toshiba's Dongle Speeds Up Transfers Between iOS Devices


The TJM35420LT is the first adapter for iOS devices that works with TransferJet, a wireless transfer technology developed by Sony.

It has a maximum data throughput of 375Mbps, according to Toshiba, but devices have to be within 3 centimeters of each other.

The TJM35420LT TransferJet can transfer a 100MB file between Lightning port equipped iPhones, iPads, and iPods in just three seconds.

Toshiba will debut the iOS TransferJet unit at CES 2015 in Las Vegas this week, seven years after Sony first demonstrated the TransferJet technology at the trade show. While Sony has included the technology in its Vaio laptops and CyberShot digital camera, the format has yet to gain any real traction among other device and accessory makers.

While Bluetooth has a much greater range, its transfer speeds are slower, delivering only 25Mbps.

Sales of the iOS adapter are to begin in spring in Japan, followed by other markets. A Toshiba spokesman says the device could sell for around ¥4,000 to ¥5,000 (US$33 to $41).

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