Marsh Supermarkets and inMarket Launch iBeacon Platform for Apple Watch

Marsh Supermarkets and inMarket Launch iBeacon Platform for Apple Watch

Midwest-based supermarket chain Marsh, and inMarket today announced they are launching a new iBeacon platform that will enable Apple Watch users to receive interactive alerts and other content on their devices while shopping in one of Marsh’s 75 locations.


The program is the first integration of iBeacon technology with Apple’s wearable product, which is expected to launch to the public in the next several months.

“iBeacons have created new ways to connect with mobile shoppers in the store, and inMarket allows us to reach many of our shoppers through the apps they love and use everyday,” said Amit Bhardwaj, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty, Marsh Supermarkets. “Now with wearable integration, shoppers who use Apple Watch will enjoy the same digitally-augmented, real-world shopping experience.”

The platform will initially include Marsh’s own iOS app, and inMarket’s List Ease app, although other apps are likely to follow. Shoppers using the apps will receive alerts such as shopping lists, ads, and other content triggered by inMarket’s beacons. They could also receive offers, recipes, and other valuable alerts on their devices as they move through a Marsh store.

The system is automatically expected to be compatible with the Apple Watch on day one of the wearable device’s release.

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