iOS 9 Update to Concentrate on Stability and Optimization

iOS 9 Update to Concentrate on Stability and Optimization

Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 mobile operating system will reportedly concentrate on stability and optimization of the popular operating system.

iOS 9 Update to Concentrate on Stability and Optimization


While stability is normally an expected component in Apple software rather than a marquee feature, the rapid pace of iOS releases and feature introductions has taken a toll on the operating system’s overall performance, recently leading to numerous complaints from long-time Apple users and regular customers alike…

Apple has delivered a new version of their mobile OS every year since 2007, usually offering new features and major changes, some usually working on only the newest versions of Apple’s popular iOS devices.

iOS 7 in 2013 saw the addition of Touch ID and Control Center, while iOS 8’s 2014 debut saw the introduction of a refined user interface, the Health app, and Apple Pay. The upcoming Apple Watch will also require an iPhone running iOS 8 to operate properly.

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reports his sources indicate iOS 9 engineers are putting a “huge” focus on under-the-hood improvements, such as bug fixes, and performance and stability optimizations. He says Apple will also be focusing on efforts to keep the size of iOS updates manageable, especially important to users of older iOS devices with limited storage space.

Development of iOS 9 could be simplified by limiting iOS 9 support to recent devices, such as those that support the 64-bit A7, A8, and A9 processors. However, at this time it is unclear if Apple will make that move.

While Apple will stress stability and optimization in iOS 9, they will likely also offer new visible features. The company is known to be working on several new iOS features, such as transit and indoor mapping modes in their Apple Maps app.