How To Use Siri To Help You Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone

How To Use Siri To Help You Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone

If you ever find an iPhone, I’d hope you’d do the honorable thing, and try to find the owner of the device so you could return it. If you are so honorably inclined, did you know you can use Siri to find the device’s owner? Here’s how.

Siri Can Help You Find the Owner of a Lost iPhone

Simply hold down the Home button of the iOS device, and when Siri activates, ask her, “Whose iPhone is this?” (Or, alternatively, you can ask: “Who owns this iPhone?”)

Siri will then display the iPhone owner’s name and their contact information, including their phone numbers, email addresses, and home address, hopefully providing you with more than enough information to help to return the device to the rightful owner as soon as possible.

A few notes: Be sure to specifically say either, “Whose phone is this?” or “Who owns this iPhone?” to immediately result in the display of the device owner’s contact information. If you say, “Whose iPhone is this?” it does NOT work, and instead offers to direct you to the Apple website.

Also, this trick will only work as long as the owner has Siri enabled for use on the lock screen, and of course the iPhone’s battery needs to have a charge.

You’ll also find this trick doesn’t work if an iPhone has already been placed into Lost Mode, however that mode typically shows a message and an owner’s contact info, if they activated it properly.

The originator of this tip,, suggests that if none of this works, to take the iPhone to an Apple Store, as there have been a number of reports of Apple Stores being able to contact the device’s owner and arrange the return of the device.