Verizon Drops Most ‘MORE Everything’ Data Plan Prices by $10/Month

Verizon Drops Most ‘MORE Everything’ Data Plan Prices by $10/Month

Verizon announced on Wednesday that it is planning on dropping the price of most of its “MORE Everything” data plans by $10 per month. Verizon’s move comes in the face of an increasingly competitive wireless market.

Verizon Drops Most 'More Everything' Data Plan Prices by $10/Month

The price cut will make the company’s 1GB data plan $30, down from $40, with a 2GB data plan available for $40, down from $50. Price cuts go all the way up to Verizon’s highest tier, the 20GB plan, which will be available for $140 instead of the current tariff of $150.

Verizon is also adding new 6GB, 12GB, 14GB, and 16GB options to its MORE Everything plan.

While the new pricing will be available to both new and existing customers, current Verizon customers will need to go the MyVerizon website to opt in to a new plan in order to get the discount.

The company’s price cuts come in the face of moves by the number three and four wireless providers, Sprint and T-Mobile to lure customers to their fold. Sprint has recently been offering to cut the monthly bills of AT&T and Verizon customers in half, while T-Mobile’s numerous “UnCarrier” promotions have worked to shake up the wireless industry.

(Via Re/code)