Beastgrip Camera Rig Returns to Kickstarter, Goes Pro

Beastgrip Camera Rig Returns to Kickstarter, Goes Pro

Last year, a promotional video made by Bentley lit up the blog-o-sphere with a video that was shot and edited entirely on iPhone and iPad, and featured an ingenious camera rig (check out our review) that allowed users to connect peripheral lenses, mics, tripods, and mounts to iPhone (and a range of other smartphones), making it the most universal mobile photography rig.

Since then, the rig – called Beastgrip – has undergone a massive update and reworking, and the creator is headed back to Kickstarter to make the best Universal Mobile Photography Rig even better!


Called the Beastgrip Pro, the new Beastgrip ditches the previously used 3D Printing in favor of stronger, more versatile mould-injected plastic. Additionally, the entire rig can be adjusted to accommodate even larger devices (like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and OnePlus One).

Aside from better materials and support for larger devices, the entire Beastgrip Pro is modular, meaning that depending on your device and your needs, it can serve strictly as a tripod mount, a handle, or a lens adapter. This is great news for Moment lens or Olloclip users, as they can leverage the tripod mount and handle of the Beastgrip, while utilizing the lenses they’ve already invested in.


In addition to the reworked Beastgrip Pro, there are a couple other treats coming with the Kickstarter campaign. The Beastgrip team are huge fans of creating stunning images using a Depth of Field adapter, allowing Nikon and Canon prime SLR lenses to connect to the entire rig, and with the new Kickstarter campaign, they’ve created their own custom DoF adapter that works with both the original Beastgrip, and the new Beastgrip Pro.


If that wasn’t enough to make this the coolest setup for producing stunning photos and video with iPhone, they’ve also added 2 Beastgrip 37mm lenses – a wide angle lens, and a fisheye lens (both with detachable macro lens) – that offer some of the best overall image quality and accurate image reproduction in the conversion lens spectrum.


The project is live on Kickstarter today, with a goal of $50,000, and runs through the next 30 days, with estimated delivery in August. Be sure to check out all the awesome details on the Beastgrip Pro Kickstarter page, and keep an eye on Mactrast, as we’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress and do a full review of all the amazing components when we get our hands on one!