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Is Sunnyvale Company “SixtyEight” Apple’s Shell Company for ‘Project Titan’?

Is Sunnyvale Company “SixtyEight” Apple’s Shell Company for ‘Project Titan’?

A new report claims that Apple is using a shell company, SixtyEight Research, located n a small office building in Sunnyvale, California to work on its secret “Project Titan” electric vehicle project.



The results of this extensive investigation led to Sunnyvale, Calif., and the home of a mysterious market research firm dubbed SixtyEight. Nestled amongst a number of verifiable Apple-run offices, it is believed that this location is a key component of the “Titan” project… It is unclear if this secondary campus is ground zero for “Titan.”

But AppleInsider can confirm that Apple does indeed have a large presence at the location, and that numerous automotive-related renovations, including an “auto work area” and a “repair garage,” have been constructed on the premises.

Perhaps most telling is the sign posted on the building’s door, that “informs drivers that the company’s lobby has been moved to a new address: the same office complex’s flagship three-story building, leased entirely by Apple.”

Apple employees have allegedly been told to turn their official company badges around when entering the building, so as not to be seen by members of the public.

Guests who are granted access to “SG5” said the badges that are provided look identical to those issued at 1 Infinite Loop, just without an Apple logo.

While Apple is known to be working on such automotive related projects as CarPlay, which integrates the iPhone with in-vehicle infotainment consoles, a number of rumors have flown about, (skidded around?), indicating Apple is working on an electric vehicle.