Rihanna Makes Game Debut in HOME: Boov Pop! for iOS

Rihanna Makes Game Debut in HOME: Boov Pop! for iOS

It seems every celebrity is connected to a children’s movie or video game these days, and Rihanna is no exception, as she will soon voice the main character in Dreamwork’s upcoming animated film “Home,” a character also appearing in the movie tie-in iOS game “Home: Boov Pop!”

Dreamworks HOME: Boov Pop Lands in the App Store

Based on events of the film, the game follows Tip (Rihanna), Oh (Jim Parsons), and even Captain Smek as they travel the Earth trying to fend off the evil alien species, the Gorg. Players can collect bubbles and power-ups, use special abilities, defuse bombs, battle the Gorg, get a high score, and free Boovlets through the game’s many levels

From the HOME: Boov Pop! App Store page:

A puzzle game that defies the laws of physics! Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to the puzzle genre, by adding a unique gravity-based physics mechanism and out of this world 3D graphics!

• Connect colorful and bouncy Boov bubbles to match 3 or more and make them POP! The more connections, the bigger the POP!

• Play as your favorite characters from the film including Oh, Tip, and Captain Smek!

• POP your way around the globe across a variety of exciting and challenging levels. But be careful, intergalactic enemies will try to block your way!

• Each of the playable characters comes with unique power abilities: Use Oh’s Moody Pop to make all of bubbles of the same color pop, or activate Tip’s Gravity Ball to swap colors and solve the puzzle, and more!

• Beautiful 3D graphics and awesome bubble physics will make you want to POP! POP! POP!

If you like bubble matching games, you’re going to love Boov Pop. I tried the game out on my iPhone 6 Plus, and found myself quickly involved in the game. As well as the standard “Match 3” mechanics of similar games, Boov Pop! includes bonuses for matching more than three, and special powers for each character, giving you the chance to quickly rack up the points.

HOME: Boov Pop! is available FREE for the iPhone and iPad, in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK] (In-app purchases available.)

The HOME movie trailer is included for your viewing pleasure below. The movie, featuring the voice talents of Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez, lands on March 27, 2015. For more information, visit the HOME website.