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T-Mobile Announces ‘Un-Carrier 9.0’ Plans for Businesses, Plus Good News for Consumers

T-Mobile Announces ‘Un-Carrier 9.0’ Plans for Businesses, Plus Good News for Consumers

The T-Mobile Un-Carrier 9.0 initiative was unveiled in New York City this morning, debuting a simple new plan for businesses of any size. T-Mobile CEO John Legere says the new plans offer rates up to 40% lower than similar plans from AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile Announces 'Un-carrier 9.0' Plans for Businesses, More


T-Mobile’s new business plan is priced at $16 per line for businesses that use under 20 lines, and at over 20 lines, the price drops to $15 per line. 10 lines, for example, costs $160, while 100 lines costs $1,500. At 1000 lines, the price drops even further, to $10 per line.

Each line gets 1GB of data, and businesses will have multiple options for purchasing more data. Data can also be purchased per each line, or can be pooled and distributed to employees as needed. Pooled data will run $4.75 per GB at a 100GB minimum, dropping to $4.25GB at the 1TB level.

T-Mobile also announced a partnership with GoDaddy that will give business customers a free domain and a free mobile website. An additional partnership with Microsoft will offer business customers a free custom email address.

T-Mobile business line customers can also take advantage of the carrier’s new Business Family Discounts plan, which will count the employee’s work line as the first, usually most expensive line, on a family plan, dropping the price of the first family line. Legere said this could save families up to $439 per year. The new plan is available to all T-Mobile customers as of today.

T-Mobile also had good news for its non-business users, as it announced “Carrier Freedom,” an expansion of the company’s pledge to pay early termination fees. The payments will now cover device payments and leases, allowing customers on competing plans, such as AT&T’s Next to switch over to T-Mobile. The company will pay up to $650 per phone for customers who switch.

The company also announced the “Un-Contract,” which ensures that a T-Mobile customer’s rates may go down, but they won’t go up. The company says all of their promotional plans are permanent, and no unlimited data plan will change for two years.

“We’re the Un-carrier. Everything the carriers do, we un-do,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “The other guys have been throwing out all kinds of desperate, short-term promotions to suck you in and lock you down − only to jack up rates later. We’re not playing that game. The Un-contract is our promise to individuals, families and businesses of all sizes,  that − while your price may go down − it won’t go up.”

The Un-contract begins in automatically on March 22 for all existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customers.