Tim Cook Says Apple Watch to be Available in Europe in April

Tim Cook Says Apple Watch to be Available in Europe in April

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the company’s flagship Berlin store last week, and while he was there, he told store employees that the Apple Watch won’t be exclusive to the U.S. when it launches in April.

Tim Cook Says Apple Watch to be Available in Europe in April


Specifically, Cook said that the Apple Watch will launch in Germany during the month of April. It’s possible that the Apple Watch will launch first in the United States in early April, with Germany and other countries following later in the month, but it definitely appears that the Watch’s rollout will be more aggressive than the first iPhone and iPad launches…

The iPhone was a U.S. exclusive for the first several months following its 2007 debut, as was the iPad when it was launched a few years later. The iPad’s April 2010 U.S. launch was followed by a mid-May launch of the tablet in Europe and Australia.

There are indications that Australia may see an April launch of the new wearable device as well, as sources indicate Apple has already begun training select employees on Apple Watch sales procedures in that country. The U.K. and France will also likely see an April debut for the watch, as both countries have already seen marketing pushes for the Apple Watch debut on their shores.

Cook was asked during his Berlin visit if employees will get free Apple Watches when it’s released, (Apple gave full-time employees a free iPhone upon its debut back in 2007), he reportedly replied, “you’ve given me something to think about, I agree with your point, I think it’s great, and I think everyone should use our products. It’s a good point for me to think about, I’ve got some more plane rides to think about it on.”

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