Wired’s ‘Battle Damage’ Tortures Ultra-Protective iPhone Cases (VIDEO)

Wired’s ‘Battle Damage’ Tortures Ultra-Protective iPhone Cases (VIDEO)

Here’s a little device torture fun for your lunch break. Watch, as Wired’s Battle Damage folks abuse and torture a group of ultra-protective iPhone cases. With the iPhone inside, natch!

The crew abuses an iPhone, encased in four different ultra-protective models: Griffin’s $50 Survivor, LifeProof’s $80 Fre, Lunatik’s $125 Taktik Extreme, and Otterbox’s $50 Defender. They even drop a a 50-pound safe on the encased iPhone while it is standing straight up.

Unless you’re the roadrunner, you’ll likely never have to worry about anyone dropping a safe on you and your iPhone, but it’s nice to know your device will be able to take a hit if something does happen.

(Via 9to5Mac)

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