Apple Details Apple Watch Accessibility Features

Apple Details Apple Watch Accessibility Features

Apple has revealed several accessibility options for Apple Watch users with visual or aural impairments, including Apple’s VoiceOver functionality and user interface options.

Apple Details Apple Watch Accessibility Features


Visually-impaired users will find VoiceOver — a screenreader built in to OS X and iOS for years — compatible with all built-in Apple Watch apps and available in 14 languages, according to Apple’s Accessibility microsite. The Watch’s default font size can also be increased, and a special extra-large watch face is included.

The Watch will also make use of other existing iOS and OS X accessibility features, including interface zoom, grayscale mode, and switch labels as well as the options to reduce transparency and motion.

The Watch can be set to use mono audio for those with impaired hearing. The Watch’s Taptic Engine can also be configured with a “Prominent Haptic” setting to pre-announce common alerts.

“With Apple Watch, we found a way to give technology a more human touch. It’s called the Taptic Engine, a linear actuator inside Apple Watch that produces haptic feedback. You’ll feel a gentle tap on your wrist every time a notification comes in. And you can turn on Prominent Haptic to pre-announce some common alerts. So you’ll never miss messages, mail, and other important events.”

For more information about Apple Watch accessibility features, visit the Apple Accessibility microsite.