‘Apple Watch Basics’ Workshops to Come to Apple Stores

‘Apple Watch Basics’ Workshops to Come to Apple Stores

Concerned that the hands-on time you got with the Apple Watch in-store won’t be enough to really understand how the device works? Then you’ll be glad to know Apple will soon begin offering an Apple Watch Basics” workshop in Apple Stores.

'Apple Watch Basics' Workshops to Come to Apple Stores


Apple is offering Apple Watch Basics workshops at selected retail stores. Appointments can be booked now, and the earliest workshops take place on the official (or perhaps now unofficial) launch date of 24th April.

If the hands-on time, or even Apple’s official tutorial video leave you wanting more, the workshops should be an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with your new device.

The workshops aren’t being offered at every store quite yet, so you’ll need to check your local store to find out if it will be offering them. Visit theĀ retail store list, search for a store near you, and then click “Workshops” on the store’s webpage to find out if it will be offering the Apple Watch Basics workshop. If your store is offering it, you can book a session right there. (We found only one store in our general area offering the workshops, the first available one was set for April 25.)

9to5Mac notes you can also book a session via the Stores tab of the Apple Store app, but it’s also a matter of trial-and-error to find a session. More stores should begin to offer the workshops as the Apple Watch release date grows near.