Apple Watch Pre-Orders Shipping for April 24 Delivery

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Shipping for April 24 Delivery

Apple has officially notified many Apple Watch pre-order customers that their orders have shipped. First wave customers in the United States and other launch countries report having access to a tracking number via UPS and other courier services.

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Shipping for April 24 Delivery


With the Apple Store’s order status finally updated in tandem with a few early notifications customers have received from services like UPS, Apple Watch pre-order customers with a confirmed shipping status can now track their package through Apple’s online store. Though yesterday’s UPS notifications sent out to some customers focused mostly on areas in the southern United States, this morning’s official update from Apple applies to customers nationwide and in other launch countries. 

MacTrast reader Jordan Smith told us:

“I preordered my Apple Watch at 02:02AM on April 10th and it said the delivery date will be between April 24th and May 8th. […] Like many others earlier this week, my watch was moved to a distribution center and said ‘preparing for shipment.’ Today my UPS account showed me a new order that is about to be on its way. It showed up early this afternoon, assuming Apple will notify me sometime soon about the shipment, and says it will arrive at my house on Friday the 24th.”

This is good news for those that ordered their Apple Watch, and had expected to see its delivery well after the April 24th date.


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