Apple Watch Proves to be More Waterproof Than Expected

Apple Watch Proves to be More Waterproof Than Expected

The lucky Australians, they who live in the future, began receiving their Apple Watch pre-orders as early as what was yesterday afternoon here in the States. And of course, an Aussie website decided to get their Watch wet to see what would happen…

Apple Watch Proves to be More Waterproof Than Expected


Because of this, smartphone website FoneFox decided to put the Apple Watch through a variety of waterproof tests to measure just how much moisture the Watch could take before failing to function.

The website conducted a splash test first, followed by a simulated five minute shower session, complete with the required soaping and shampooing.

The Apple Watch they used for the initial tests, a 38mm Apple Watch Sport, looked to come out unscathed and still working. It’s hard to tell how the stainless steel, or Edition models of the Watch would fare under similar conditions.

Feeling emboldened by the results of the initial tests, FoneFox decided to go for broke, and submerge it in a bucket of water for five minutes. The device kept on “ticking.”

A final test consisted of a 15 minute swim in a nearby pool. While there were responsive issues while underwater, once back on dry land, the Apple Watch remained functional.

As always, we end with the standard disclaimer of: Don’t try this at home, kids!

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Really wish I could get a job where someone would pay me to destroy high dollar gadgets. Or better yet, have enough money to piss away on this kind of thing.

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