Apple’s Three New Apple Watch Ads Showcase Everyday Use

Apple’s Three New Apple Watch Ads Showcase Everyday Use

Apple has debuted three new Apple Watch ads to celebrate the official launch of the wearable device. The trio of ads are entitled “Us,” “Up,” and “Rise,” and showcase the use of the Watch in normal, everyday life.

Apple's Three New Apple Watch Ads Showcase Everyday Use

The first ad, “Us,” has a theme of “all the ways you connect,” showing various types of interaction between people, showcasing the communication features of the Apple Watch.

The second ad, “Up,” showcases folks conducting various daily activities, in everything from traditional exercise, selecting music for a workout, to pushing a stalled car.

Showcased in the ad are such Apple Watch features as Maps integration, guided workouts, the music player, and even the famous reminder to stand each hour.

The final spot, entitled “Rise,” shows off the alarm clock, watch faces, and third-party app support, such as reminders, transit apps, and more.

Each ad ends with the tagline: “The Watch is Here.”

The new Apple Watch ads are just the latest entry in Apple’s advertising blitz for the device, It is estimated that Apple has so far spent over $38 million on television ads alone, as well as numerous print ads the company has run in various fashion magazines.

Apple Watch pre-orders have started arriving today for those lucky customers who were able to get their orders in quickly, while others continue to wait for a shipping notice from Apple.

(Via AppleInsider)