MacTrast Reader Shares His Apple Watch Unboxing Experience

MacTrast Reader Shares His Apple Watch Unboxing Experience

MacTrast reader Jordan Smith was lucky enough to receive his Apple Watch pre-order on Friday, and he has shared with us some Apple Watch unboxing photos, and his initial thoughts about his new device. This is why we love our readers!

“My Apple Watch has arrived. I got the 42mm Stainless Steel version with a while sports band (Tim Cook’s choice).  It is amazing. It is light. The sports band is very soft and durable,” Says Jordan.

“The haptic feedback, little tap on the wrist, is very light. Not hard, not loud,” continued Jordan. “The speaker on the watch is pretty loud for the size that the watch is. The digital crown is very smooth. I wasn’t sure how the digital crown would be, but it is very easy to use.”

Jordan noted the photos he had seen of the Watch didn’t do it justice. “People need to go try it on and get one. I never got to go into an Apple Store two weeks ago and try one on for myself, but I knew I wanted the bigger size, and I can say I am very happy with my selection”

He also had good things to say about his new Apple Watch’s magnetic charger. “The charging cable is very nice. Unlike the sports version magnetic charger (plastic), mine is metal and it just clicks right on the watch. Very awesome idea.”

Jordan closed by telling us he was going to go to work and “show this bad boy off.” As a citizen of a small city in Iowa, he thinks he might be the only person in town with an Apple Watch. Now THAT’S exclusive!