Misfit Announces ‘Misfit Minute’ – Exclusively on Apple Watch

Misfit Announces ‘Misfit Minute’ – Exclusively on Apple Watch

Misfit, maker of popular fitness tracking wearables and smart home devices, has announced the release of Misfit Minute, an automated workout coaching app, available exclusively on the Apple Watch.

Misfit Announces 'Misfit Minute' - Exclusively on Apple Watch

The new app, available in the updated Misfit iOS app, allows users to open the Misfit Minute Watch app, and select a time interval of 1, 4, or 7 minutes. The app then recommends a total body workout that builds strength and burns calories. No two workouts are the same, and each workout targets different areas of the body.

Users can track their progress over time, and view past workouts. The app also provides encouraging and inspirational messages to users.

“Exercise is one of the most powerful medicines we have,” said Matthew Diamond, MD, PhD, sports medicine physician and medical director at Misfit. “Research has shown that you don’t need to spend hours working out or use elaborate gym equipment – even small doses of simple exercises using just your own body weight have been shown to have a tremendous impact on your health.” 

The company says that soon, Misfit Minute workouts will be automatically tracked and tagged as an activity in the Misfit iOS app, allowing users to send workouts that go towards their daily activity goal.

Misfit Minute is available FREE as an update to the Misfit iOS app, in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]