OWC’s iFlash Gives New Life to Your iPod Classic

OWC’s iFlash Gives New Life to Your iPod Classic

If you can’t bear to give up your iPod Classic, even though its hard drive may be damaged or not functioning properly, there’s good news. OWC’s iFlash can bring new life to your old iPod Classic.

OWC's iFlash Gives New Life to Your iPod Classic

MacSales Blog:

Like dropping an efficient modern engine in your classic muscle car, OWC iFlash allows you to install an SDHC or SDXC storage card in place of the HDD to give your classic model iPod a new gear.

The iPod Classic has long been a favorite of many listeners due to its ease of use, and high storage capacity. With the iFlash, you can get up to 128GB of media storage, and gain the advantage of faster access times, with no worries about your media skipping during playback when you’re being particularly active.


Installation of the OWC iFlash just takes three easy steps, and it’s available as an add-your-own-card unit for $49, or in a complete 128GB SDXC bundle for $99.

  1. Remove your iPod’s current HDD
  2. Insert your new 128GB Patriot SDXC card, into iFlash
  3. Install iFlash into your iPod

(OK, they neglect the part about getting your iPod Classic pried open, but after that, it’s just three easy steps…)

For more information, visit the OWC Website.

Note: 6th Generation iPod Classic (80, 160, and 120GB) are limited to 128GB due to software limitations in the OS.